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Concrete Wall

Products & Services


Specialty Concrete Mixes

  • CSA specified mixes 

  • OPSS and city concrete mixes

  • Insulated concrete form (ICF)

  • Grout ratio / mortar

  • Specialty concrete mixes


Residential & Commercial

Count on CH Concrete's supply for complete residential, commercial and industrial pours for patios, footings, foundations, basement floors, garage floors and ICF walls.



CH Concrete delivers to MTO standards for MTO approved curbs, sidewalks, bridges and roads.


Gravity Blocks

Use CH Concrete gravity wall blocks for manure and feed storage, retaining walls and erosion control.Gravity blocks with interlocking, end-to-end tongue and groove construction elements are available in 2 sizes.

4x2x2 and 2x2x2 


Health & Safety

CH Concrete Inc. considers the health and safety of its employees and associates to be of paramount concern and in the spirit of personnel wellbeing, the company has developed a comprehensive health and safety program. 

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